MyKlipsPics Improves Communication Between Stylists and ClientsMyKlipsPics, a new app designed to improve the haircut experience for both stylists and clients, is now available for free download in the Apple App Store for iOS users.

MyKlipsPics allows clients to show their stylists photos of their desired haircut. As a result, MyKlipsPics facilitates conversation between the client and the stylist and helps stylists better predict what clients want.

“With MyKlipsPics, clients can ditch explanations like ‘I want it kind of, like, shaggy and layered, but not too layered. You know what I mean, right?’ Because here is a hint: Stylists never know what you mean,” says Skyler Logsdon, founder & CEO of MyKlipsPics."MyKlipsPics looks to advance some control measures so the client can be assured that the barber or stylist is fully aware of what the end look should be."

MyKlipsPics simplifies the haircut process by allowing users to upload photos of their favorite previous haircuts, hairstyles, beard trims, and even eyebrows. The application allows users to store detailed notes of how each look was achieved, save their stylist’s contact info and export photos to social media accounts.

MyKlipsPics also has a practical application as a promotional tool for stylists and barbers. By utilizing social sharing functionality, hair care professionals can showcase their work to prospective clients on various social channels.

“With the launch of MyKlipsPics, barbers and stylists now have the opportunity to increase efficiency, quality and customer loyalty,” Logsdon says.

About MyKlipsPics:Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, MyKlipsPics efficiently improves the haircut experience. With its new FREE mobile application, MyKlipsPics plays an important role in promoting haircut efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction. Additional information about MyKlipsPics can be found at Or, contact: Skyler Logsdon Phone: 805.794.2920 Email:

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