Nina Kovner's 3 Awesome Ways to Drive EngagementFinding creative ways to engage current and future clients is one of the biggest challenges for many salons and beauty professionals who are leveraging social media for their marketing programs.

At Cosmoprof’s Spring Style Show in San Jose, Calilfornia on Sunday, April 27, PassionSquared's Nina Kovner will partner with Schedulicity to present, “Social Beauty Live. In the presentation, which will be held from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., Kovner will explore all social media platforms; look at which ones beauty professionals should use to engage clients; and share how to become a more discoverable business on the web. To reserve a seat, email


Kovner gives us a preview by sharing 3 awesome ways to drive client engagement:

Nina Kovner's 3 Awesome Ways to Drive EngagementConsistently Share Content That Matters: “Create content that fits your brand message, image and story and that is of value to your clients, consistently,” advises Kovner. “On Facebook, showing up in the newsfeed, where people interact (engage) most with your page, is based on likes, comments and shares. So posting consistent, relevant content is key. For example, if health and wellness are part of your brand, share tips on fitness or recipes of seasonal smoothies.”

Respond & Reply: “If I told you I love my hair, you may say something like, ‘Oh, thank you so much,’” says Kovner. “The same thing goes on the web. If a client gives you a shout out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, a simple “like” and “thank you” are perfect.”

Be Human: “One of the things that trips us up the most is thinking that our online behavior is different than offline--It’s really not,” stresses Kovner. “Stay authentic, be conversational, stay true to your brand, ask questions, create conversations and build relationships.”

Can't make it to San Jose? Look for Kovner's additional social media presentations at the World’s Fair Hair Show in Austin, Texas, September 7, or at Fashion Focus in Charlotte, North Carolina on October 5.

Nina Kovner's 3 Awesome Ways to Drive Engagement

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