While searching Instagram, MODERN happened upon this gorgeous sleek and chic chignon. Whitley Lyon of Cowan and Co. creator of the updo, has acquired many titles in her short tenure of being a hair stylist. Graduating in early 2012, this Glasgow, KY native has experienced great achievement with becoming a Bumble and bumble Network Educator and Lead Stylist along with Director of Education for Cowan and Co.

According to Lyon, this particular up-do was inspired by Kate Middleton’s elegant chignons.


STEP 1: Prep hair with dry shampoo or a workable hairspray.

STEP 2: Backcomb in the crown and smooth the top.

STEP 3: Take out two small panels in the front, one on each side, above the ears and clip them to the side.

STEP 4: Pull the remainder of hair into a low ponytail. Slide the hairband down. Roll and tuck under, securing any loose ends to create the desired form.

STEP 5: Unclip the front panels and cross them over the chignon and secure to complete the smooth, sleek style.

HOW TO: A Sleek and Chic Chignon

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