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Amber Cannon is living her dream, specializing in film, runway, live performance and editorial work.  Based in Nashville (with plans to relocate to NYC this fall), Cannon caught our eye with this amazing MODERN BEEHIVE that she created for the Smart Solutions ad campaign to "Be Creative".  Cannon used all Smart Solutions by Dennis Bernard to create the look. We tracked her down to get the HOW TO on this beautiful updo:

1. Start with a section around an inch thick; give or take depending on the desired size of the loop.

2. Beginning at the root, wrap the section of hair around 2 fingers then loop around and into itself as if you're going to create a basic knot. Only feed a small amount of hair into the loop, creating a second loop, and continue to do this with each new loop until you run out of length.

3. Hold the section gently and with little tension to prevent from actually creating a knot.  Place it directly onto the scalp and secure with a couple of bobby pins underneath what is exposed, so they stay hidden. (I prefer the mini bobby pins for this techniques, as they are easier to hide.)
4. Continue to use this technique wherever desired; whether it be an entire head or just a specific section as shown here.I created the mini beehive look to demonstrate a modernized classic style.


-Use mini bobby pins as they are easier to hide.

-Get creative! Try it as a simple headband effect with straight or curled hair, or add it to an updo for an intricate style

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