Roberto Ligresti
Roberto Ligresti

Christopher and Sonya Dove transformed their models with the help of the new Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano System — plus a crack team of beauty pros and a strong vision guiding them.

“We took the essence of beauty icons like Betty Page, Veronica Lake and Marilyn Monroe and used  extensions to make the looks really feminine, to add length, thickness, color contrast and just to have fun,” Christopher Dove said. 

Working with the new Nano Hair Creation Service, an application system that features a tool that loads and lays down five extensions at a time, The Doves were able to transform their models in minutes with no visible transition lines in the hair. 

“Hairdreams surveyed hairdressers who said their clients love hand rolled extensions but not the spiral that can happen or the bumpy feel to them,” Sonya Dove says. “With this technology, the hair lays flat, doesn’t tangle and your application is fast and efficient. The speed is a real selling point because clients have the perception that extensions will take ages to do. We have clients with a weak and fine hairline and we can put in one Nano on one side and one on the other side and it completely thickens up the hair and it takes five minutes.”

“I think glamour is coming back. The clothes have more elegance. I see a movement that emulates Victoria Beckham’s style. Classy, not trashy.” – Christopher Dove

Hair: Sonya and Christopher Dove for Hairdreams
Assistant: Tanya Lange
Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: Inessa Shak
Fashion styling: Alejandro Peraza

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