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Blowdrying hair is an art - it takes practice to make a client's hair look perfectly blown out. By using the proper brushes and heat settings, you're a couple steps closer to creating beautiful styles. Are you teaching your client's how to properly blowdry their own hair at home? Are they doing it wrong? Are you doing it wrong?

MODERN and Denman Brush gathered together a list of ways to NOT blowdry your hair or your client's hair. Make sure you AND your clients aren't doing any of these. It causes more damage than good!

#1. The nozzle of the hairdryer should be kept at least 10 cm away from the hair and brush. If you are too close, it will damage the hair and brush over time. NEVER place the dryer nozzle on top the brush or hair -- unless you want some major charring to happen!

#2. NEVER allow the hair brush pins or bristles past the grill and inside the hairdryer, as they will be damaged.

#3. Concentrator nozzles, diffusers or other attachments should only be used on low/medium heat settings and not placed directly on the hair or hairbrush.

#4. Do not concentrate heat in one particular area for any length of time, keep the hairdryer moving.

#5. During the blowdrying process, the concentrator nozzle should be directed downwards to smooth the hair cuticle and give a better finish.

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