TRANSORMATION: From Ombre to Tasteful Magenta

Philip Ring (@phildoeshair) says "Education is powerful!" and he practices what he preaches. "I've been doing hair about 4 and a half years. I understood the color wheel pretty early in school, so I've always leaned more towards being a colorist. This year, I made the choice to go to SASSOON for more cutting and coloring education, and I spent two months in  Santa Monica learning from the SASSOON team. After that education, I finally felt like I could cut as well as I could color. I realize how important it is to strengthen your weaknesses and master the basics."

Based in Peoria, Arizona, Ring spends a lot of his free time talking with other hairdressers about education "and mentoring my sister who just became a licensed hair stylist this week." MODERN follows Ring who shares very interesting color transformations, both fun and consumer friendly. This one is one of our faves, and Ring shares the HOW TO:

"My client came in with a previous ombre from another stylist. It has faded odd in spots so I needed to precolor it to make it even before doing a final glaze of color":

Step 1: Root formula: Using WELLA COLOR TOUCH DEMI permanent color: 7g 3/0,  25g 4/77 and 64g 6 volume

Step 2: While processing, apply mid shaft formula: 40g 5/66 and 80g 6 volume

Step 3:  and then the ends formula: 22g 10/03, 8g 44/65 and 60g 6 volume

Step 4: Process according to manufacturers instructions. Shampoo and condition the hair.

Step 5: "We wanted a top coat of fun color to make the hair shiny and brilliant":  150g Joico Intensities Clear,  30g Joico Intensities Indigo and 30g Joico Intensities Magenta

Step 6: Process for 25 minutes with low heat. Shampoo and condition.


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