Pro To The Rescue: Black Box Color Disaster

Gina Atkinson (@ginaatkinson), based in Las Vegas at Sola Salon, is known for her beautiful transformations and color corrections. When we saw how she corrected this "box color situation", we had to know how she was able to create such a beautiful finish.

"This client had previously 'ombred' her hair and when she was over it, decided to go for the black box dye at CVS," says Atkinson. "So knowing her history...that the hair had been previously lightened and damaged before the box dye...I decided to take a slower pace to insure the integrity of her hair. The tricky part was deciphering where here natural hair stopped and where the box dye started. To complicate matters, this client has naturally black hair."

Here Atkinson shares the how-to:

 Step 1 : Blend Redken Blonde Dimensions with 10 volume developer. Section out a mohawk section while straddling her part.  Create a heavy diagonal forward slice below the mohawk section. 


 Step  2: Us ing the same formula, place balayage highlights within the mohawk. 


Step 3: Check first foils to get an idea of where her natural hair was lifting versus the box dye. 


Step 4: Using this as a reference, apply Redken Flashlift with 25 volume. Tease/highlight the remaining hair. Check foils frequently. (In this case, the client processed for approximately 30 minutes.)


Step 5: Remove foils and thoroughly rinse and towel dry the hair. 


Step 6: Apply Paul Mitchell 4n with 10 volume to the base where her natural hair lifted.


Step 7: Then apply Redken Shines EQ 6n with EQ developer to the mid shaft to ends (to the line of demarcation of the box dye).


Step 8: Process for 20 minutes and then condition with AG Reconstructive Treatment.



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