Jenny Strebe, educator and hair blogger of Confessions of a Hairstylist, shares her steps to creating the Dutch Faux Hawk, a stunning look that can be made edgy or elegant depending on wardrobe choices. Check out the video below for further guidance in creating the updo. 




1. Start with dry hair. Works really well with dirty hair. Start by sectioning a small half-moon section at the front of your hairline


2. Divide this section in 3 small sections that are equally divided. We are going to be creating a Dutch braid which is an underhanded braid so you want to make sure you work this braid under handed.


3. Take the section from your right and go under the middle section. That section will now become your middle section. Now take a section from your left and go under the middle into the middle. That section from your left is now your new middle section.


4. You want to start incorporating hair as your work down the center of your head. Work each section right to left. You now need to add hair from your right side. I recommend doing this by using your pinky finger at the hair line to the center grabbing a section of hair and incorporating it into the section to your right and now go under the middle section. This is now your new middle. 


5. You want to repeat the same thing on the opposite side on your left side. Again, working right to left. 


6. Repeat this technique until you have no more hair to work with and continue a normal under handing braiding technique and secure your ends with an elastic.


7. Now you want to plump up your braid by pancaking each strand out. You do this by simply pulling on each section like you are fanning a deck of cards. You can feel free to get Avant-garde with this one and really pulling to make it stand out.


8. Finish this look off by using a firm hold hairspray.


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