Chrissy Teigen's Victoria's Secret Waves
Chrissy Teigen's Victoria's Secret Waves

Freelance stylist David Lopez has oodles of celebrity clients, many of them Victoria's Secret models. Professional hairdressers are constantly asking how he creates the effortless waves on one of his favorites, Chrissy Teigen. Here, he shares how to create the REAL Vicotoria Secret's waves.

In this two minute video, Lopez demonstrates the perfect wrap, direction and elevation using the T3 1-1/2 inch Twirl.

His tips include:

  1. Wrap horizontally for more volume.
  2. Use as much of the barrel as possible, wrapping from top to bottom.
  3. Leave out the last inch (to 1 1/2 inch) of the hair for an effortless look.
  4. Untwist rather than unclamp (to offer a "ropier" wave with less volume).
  5. Feed the ends toward the face with the hair on TOP of the barrel. ("Much more modern, less Farrah Fawcett.")


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