Step by Step: Wraparound Dutch Braid (+VIDEO!)
Annamaria Sims

Amanda Diedrich, fave4's Lead Style Expert, created this textured wraparound dutch braid and it is just so perfect for the upcoming prom and bridal season. To get the look, you'll need a microcrimper, elastics, tail comb and clips--and she used fave4's Texture Takeover and Flex Reflect products. 


The Textured Wraparound Braid is a combination of a few styles and braiding techniques all wrapped into one look. "The Wraparound braid gives a more elegant glamorous feel than most braids trending now that have a more bohemian style to them," Diedrich says.


Step 1: Start by spraying Fave4 Texture Takeover throughout entire head. Use a microcrimper on the entire head from root to ends.

TIP: Using different sizes of texture/crimping irons will add more variation.


Step 2: Section off a circle in the center of the head and isolate it out of the way. Beginning behind one ear, start to dutch 3-strand braid the hair. "Body positioning is important," Diedrich says. "Move your body in the direction you want the braid to go."


Dutch 3-strand steps: Divide hair into 3 sections. Take your right strand and cross it under the middle, repeat with left strand. Start to add hair into the right and left strand while continuing to cross under the middle. Repeat all the way down the hair.


Step 3: Begin to direct the braid in a circular pattern around the head. Once you have braided up and around to meet with your starting point, take down the circular section in the center of the crown.


Step 4: Continue with the same circular movement adding in the rest of the hair.


Step 5: Once all hair is braided from head, continue the braid down. Before securing, spray with Fave4 Texture Takeover.


Step 6: Stretch the braid out, starting from the bottom, by pulling on either side of the braid all the way around the head. Secure with an elastic. Wrap the braid underneath and secure with a bobby pin.


BONUS: Leave braid down instead of tucking to give this style a completely different look!

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