5 Tips for Increasing Your Male Clientele

Specializing in cutting men’s hair is more than ever becoming a very creative and lucrative part of the salon industry. The attention to detail in the craft of men’s cutting is what it’s all about. The Men’s Method by Wahl was created to teach beauty students the importance of honing the craft of men’s cutting.  


"It will instill in the student the basic considerations, skills, and most importantly confidence, which is needed to enter the field and to keep up with advancing their clipper skills though education," says Laura VanderMoere, director of education in the professional division at Wahl. "Once a student learns and files the foundational techniques and skills into their muscle memory they will then be limited only by their imagination."


Here we share tips for recruiting and retaining male customers from David Raccuglia, Creative Director of Wahl Men’s Method and founder of American Crew.


Ask questions. Always ask in detail about what he liked and didn’t like about his last haircut. Even if you previously cut it, be very interested in learning what could be better. Understanding what he liked about his last haircut is important, but understanding what you could do to enhance his experience or meet and exceed his expectations is more important.


Educate your guest. When consulting with a new client always explain the benefits of the cut you have chosen for him. Using the right male-specific language is important, as is educating your guest about the quality as well as the features and benefits of the cut that you have designed.


Pay attention to the details. Be consistent. Find a ritual in your service. Make the sideburns perfect, trim the eyebrows, the nose hairs, clean up the hair on the ears and shave the neckline. These areas are usually the first indication to a man that he is ready for a trim and therefore should never be overlooked. It is this professionalism

that will set you apart from other barbers or stylists.


Categorize your clients. Classic Men like timeless looks that are suited for their chosen style preference. Experimental clients try new trends and are looking for you to help them achieve the looks that are current. It is critical that you have a system to understand a client’s lifestyle and haircutting needs.


Always re-book. Suggest to your clients that they re-book before they leave. Explain that to remain well-groomed consistent maintenance is a must. A short, crisp fade or tapered lean haircut might need upkeep at four weeks. In contrast, slightly longer textured haircuts might look great for six weeks before the shape collapses.


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