Rosana Alves Atooli (@imanaskysalon), owner of Imana Sky Salon of San Marcos, California, first created this look on her client by giving her a asymmetrical razor cut. After that she got busy with color and shares the formula:

Step 1: Apply Keune Magic Bleach with 30 volume developer to panels of hair.

Step 2: Process for 30 minutes. Shampoo and towel dry.

Step 3: Apply Joico Light Purple to the roots ("to create a stretched root look.")

Step 4: While processsing, alternate panels of Joico Cobalt Blue and Rusk Teal to the rest of the hair.

Step 5: Process for 25 minutes and then rinse and shampoo.

Step 6: Apply Moroccanoil and style with a wand. Finish with Moroccanoil Hairspray.



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