HOW TO: Glam Rock


Turning a pixie into a "Glam Rock" sensation is easy, if you are Chuck Amos (@SexyChuckie)! Here the celebrity stylist shares his HOW TO for this gorgeous finish we found on his Instagram page:


-Start with a great pixie cut; the sides should be shorter than the middle and longer in the "Mohawk" area of the head.

-Blow in thickening spray in the "Mohawk" area of the head. I used a combo of Oribe's "Volumista" & "Maximista" thickening sprays, and a really great roll brush to really kick up the volume. 

-On the sides, blow dry the hair flat to the head and forward towards the face. Hair in back of ears and on the sides of neck are also blown down and forward towards the front of the neck also keeping hair flat to head. Using just water and a bristle brush. 

-Now apply a small amount of  Oribe's "Cream for Style" styling cream throughout the hair and let it 'air dry' as I take small sections to start curling.

-Curl hair in a spiral notion, using a 1 inch curling iron in the mohawk area, pulling curled strands up, as they cool, creating a wave.

-Use 3/4" to 1/2" iron on the sides of the head and neck, also spiraling and pulling curled strands, towards face and front of neck while they cool making them smaller waves.

-Separate and place curls accordingly, using a soft cream moisturizer. Here I used Oribe's "Supershine" light moisturizing cream.

-To finish hairstyle off and to keep strands in place, I used Oribe's "Superfine" Strong Hairspray


Amazing photo by Mike Ruiz (@mikeruizone)



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