JESSICA VILLEGAS (@Jessica_Villegas_hair), an artistic educator for Matrix, is also part of the Matrix Latino Expressionist Team. She is based at Split Ends Hair Salon, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. MODERN saw this transformation on Instagram and had to know more.

Here Villegas shares the details:

This natural level 6 warm light brown "do it yourself" client came as a referral.
Desired: level 10, desired tone: cool blonde


Step 1: Pre-treat hair using Matrix Keratindose Keratin Renewal spray, no rinse needed.
Step 2: Pre-lighten midshaft using Matrix Lightmaster with 20 volume for 30 minutes, separating back to back sections with foils. Continue throughout the hair.
Step 3: Slightly lift foils to pre-lighten ends and regrowth area with Matrix Lightmaster with 10 volume for an additional 30 minutes.

Note: The ends below the occipital section - where previously pre-lighten - are colored to light brown.

Step 4: Once you have reached desired level, rinse, shampoo and dry hair to 80%.
Step 5: Tone with Matrix Color Sync 2oz SPA + 1oz 10P + pea size 3V with 3oz 10 volume. Process for 20 minutes.

Home care: Matrix Keratindose shampoo, conditioner and renewal spray.