One of the highlights of the most recent Cosmoprof PBA Beauty Week in Las Vegas was a breakfast forum called Beauty Pitch. The founders of five professional beauty companies, each looking for financial backing and mentorship, pitched their products to entrepreneur Mark Cuban and industry icon John Paul DeJoria.

The products were discussed and demonstrated in 3-minute presentations, much like hit show Shark Tank. Although all were polished, professional and deserving, the ultimate winner was 100% Pure. Beauty Pitch drew in 1,500 audience members at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino.

As great as this was, even better for me (personally and professionally) was what happened after the room was cleared. Members of the press were invited to meet with Cuban and DeJoria individually. I had total access with each for 15 minutes. It was great! I should point out that I am a fan, so pardon the slobbering here as I share my impressions:

Height: 6'3"
Net worth: 3 billion (according to Forbes)
Personality: Shockingly personable and friendly. He came off authentic and very casual in a Polo shirt and jeans. Although clearly ready and eager to laugh and have fun, he still takes things seriously. I could have chatted with him forever.
Unexpected response: After the interview (see video) I asked him which, of all the things he owns, is his favorite toy. I even offered up "the plane? the boat? the house?" He said, "I don't care about all the stuff. My favorite toy is my basketball. I just love throwing it around." He's cool.

Height: Also tall, maybe 6'2"  
Net worth: 3 billion (according to Forbes)
Personality: I have interviewed JP several times and am always in awe. He is such a charming, interesting, caring, generous, eloquent and passionate man. He has provided an income and living for thousands of people, which makes him one of the best people of all time. It is obvious he is all about the salon community and truly wants to help everyone reach his or her potential. I am so proud to consider him "one of our own," and when you see his segment on Shark Tank (the last link) you will, too.

Check out the videos below. Cuban and DeJoria offer tips to success, in industry and life, and share some of the behind the scenes scoop on JP's Shark Tank appearance (the last video is so worth watching again or seeing if you missed it the first time):




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