Hair loss and thinning hair is one of the biggest beauty problem clients facing today—a condition that takes its toll on both men and women. Hair loss creates a loss of self-esteem and a loss of daily motivation. As each day passes, those affected have no will power to step out of their homes as they feel unattractive, vulnerable and ashamed of their appearance with no solution in sight. It’s a fact that up to 60 percent of women in the U.S. will experience some kind of thinning hair or hair loss in their lifetime – and this number is growing. 

From slight to severe hair loss problems, Hairdreams has partnered with Studio DNA salons to offer its innovative hair creations and unique hair thickening solution: Volume+.  This first-ever, patented multi-level solution will help bring natural fullness back to thin, fine, lifeless hair instantly and help change lives forever.

 “We are proud of our collaboration with Hairdreams – it signifies the launch of our creative partnership between Studio DNA salons, The Doves Studio and Hairdreams USA,” explains Danny Leclair, owner of DNA Salons, located in Santa Monica, California. “Our goal is to bring hairdressers actively working behind the chair with the product in a way that expands the client base, the service offering and the impact it will have in the market place.”  

The official partnership launch kicked off with an event at The Doves Studio, also in Santa Monica, on July 15th featuring a beauty extravaganza entitled #IHaveASecret which introduced new and existing clients to the world of possibilities using Hairdreams for lengthening services, adding more fullness, style or hair color.  The event also broadened the awareness of the impact of hair loss/ thinning hair and showcased the immediate solution available with the Hairdreams Volume+ System.

“For far too long, the world of extensions has been considered a glamorous indulgence,” continues Leclair.  “However, many women today are dealing with thinning or balding due to alopecia, stress, thyroid disorders, genetics or vitamin deficiency.  Other women simply have thin/fine hair and feel limited in their choices to improve their appearance.  For these clients, Hairdreams provide the opportunity to go from feeling self-conscious and withdrawn to feeling powerful and beautiful.  We feel fortunate to work with a company that is conscious of broadening their outreach to include all women rather than going for the easy sale.”

The #IHaveASecret event at The Doves Studio in Santa Monica, California.

“A few years ago, we were looking for a hair extension service to fill the void in our salon,” explains Sonya Dove, top stylist and Hairdreams ambassador.  “We found Hairdreams to be the perfect business partner to help grow our business and help us become a full-service salon.  The company is not just about hair extensions. Hairdreams’ customer service is top notch and they fulfill our orders on time, sometimes overnight with no delays or out of stocks.”

Hairdreams Volume+ features a multitude of individualized custom solutions for fine, thin hair and hair loss using its legendary, luxurious 100% real human hair strands.  The Volume+ System includes:  Hair Thickening with Hairdreams Nano Hair Strands, MicroLines, TopHair and HighLines

Each unique hair service helps to supplement hair with premium-grade, hand-selected 100% real human hair.  Hairdreams hair strands match client’s own hair in color, length and structure creating the most natural look and feel.  Application is easy and gentle for the client’s hair and its durability is exceptional allowing clients to carry on their daily routines with no limitations. 

For more information on Hairdreams Volume+ Hair Thickening Systems, log onto the new revamped website at or call toll-free 888-434-2471.

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