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Macadamia Professional’s Emmy-nominated International Creative Director Giannandrea celebrates texture through his three styling keys: what the eye sees, how the light hits the silhouette and the high-voltage professional products to get the look.


“Texture is all about the inner soul of the style, not the exterior.” —GIANNANDREA, Macadamia Professional International Creative Director


There has never been a better time to celebrate texture—all kinds of texture. Today’s manufacturers are designing products and tools to arm salon professionals with the ability to enhance, minimize, inflate, soften or, in any other way, address texture. These specialty products do a lot of the work, freeing up the artist to create, design and finish.


“Sleek, flat hair has its place, but today we are celebrating different shapes,” says Giannandrea, Macadamia Professional international creative director, who has also been honored with a 67th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Hairstyling for his work styling Christina Aguilera on NBC’s The Voice.


For this session, the artist unveiled an arsenal of products to address texture.


“Macadamia Professional is introducing several new products designed to maximize any texture of hair,” he says. “As always, selecting the right product is key. On textured hair, prep is more important than ever for the perfect finish. The hair must have the correct hydration and be properly primed.”


There are three keys for a beautiful finish, including product application and choice, that Giannandrea says every stylist should make part of every service:


1. Optical: “Be aware of what your eye perceives and create depth based on that perception.”


2. Lighting: “Make sure the salon or your space has exceptional lighting and be aware where the light will hit the silhouette.”


3. Product application and choice: “This is all based upon the different type of texture: rough, natural. It’s not only what the guest has, but your desired outcome.” Giannandrea selected three models, with three different textures, to demonstrate the power of utilizing these three keys to create the perfect finish. “The world right now is so beautiful with multiple textures,” he says. “I love it all.”


“When making an ‘S’ shape, think about where the light is going to hit it.” —GIANNANDREA


Hair: Giannandrea

Photography: Roberto Ligresti

Makeup: Carolina Dali of The Wall Group

Fashion styling: Rod Novoa assisted by Dennis Pinto


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