Video How-To: Woven Mermaid Braid from Lala's Updos

The beauty industry continues to notice updo masterminds such as Laura Kaszoni, whom you might know better by her Instagram handle, @lalasupdos. 

We were able to sit in on her Chicago class this summer to learn a few of her secrets, and she continues to spread the love and knowledge with Fave4 in her most recent tutorial. The GoPro video shows how to pull off a woven mermaid braid from Kaszoni's perspective; take a look below!

Get the look: Woven mermaid braid

STEP 1: Section out hair at the crown and pin in place.

STEP 2: Take a section just above the ear and split into two equal sections. Twist the sections away from the face. Clip and repeat on opposite side.

STEP 3: Unclip first section. Make sure twists look the same on both sides and secure with a clear rubber band. 

STEP 4: Repeat steps 2-3 below the first set of twists.

STEP 5: Pull strands of hair to make them fuller.

STEP 6: Continue twisting hair down in sections until all hair has been used.

STEP 7: Push the end of the pony into the style and remove the original bobby pins.

STEP 8: Either leave style down or, optional, twist up and pin into a bun. Finish with Fave4 Workable Wear and Fave4 Style Stay.

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