The Decleor Custom Tradeshow Booth
The Decleor Custom Tradeshow Booth

Your trade show exhibit is a great catch: It’s been there for you for years… traveling to different events, staying in the same hotels, and putting on a great face in front of potential business at the shows. The two of you are inseparable but what good relationship doesn’t go through up’s and down’s? Every now and then, you have to offer a little extra TLC to make it all feel new again.

Here are 7 ways to re-ignite that spark:

  1. Update your graphics: Perhaps your mission has changed or you’re launching a new line but don’t have the finances for a whole new booth. Graphics are one of the biggest selling points and often the easiest to switch out, so keep things interesting to the eye with bright and bold images.
  2. Light it up: Creative lighting highlights your message, no doubt, but the real advantage here is being able to create a memorable atmosphere. Light box graphics, custom retail displays or simple LED’s that clamp on to your space quickly take the booth from drab to fab.
  3. Rev up your retail counters: For multiple retail sections, dress it up with an s-shape counter or implement light box graphics. Consider adding strip lighting under your counter or mix & match the counter top color with your base color. The options are endless.
  4. Go digital: Showcase your website or social platforms on iPads and incorporate flat screen monitors with a video about your company or new product line…these visually interesting elements are not only a good way to refresh a stale booth but also considered necessary in current design trends.
  5. Signage is key: Whether it’s a tall pop-up banner or mini pull-up banner, this is an easy way to advertise new information and change the look with little effort. An overhead banners is a game changer, as you can be seen from across the floor, not leaving anybody wondering where you can be found.
  6. Charge attendees: As the day progresses, attendees will be dying to charge their phones so in addition to your services, this is another opportunity for you to meet their needs.
  7. Floor ‘em: Much like your booth, its flooring isn't just something to walk all over. It can complement the design, emphasize your brand, set the stage (literally) and so much more. Change out carpet for synthetic grass or create the look of hardwood with laminate.


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