Manuella Bossa, the founder of TRUSS Cosmetics
Manuella Bossa, the founder of TRUSS Cosmetics

Manuella Bossa, the founder of TRUSS Cosmetics, launched Truss 15 years ago in Brazil, creating a professional haircare brand that combined high quality ingredients and sophisticated technology to create results-driven products.

“TRUSS is the leading brand in the demanding Brazilian professional cosmetics market,” Bossa says. “It is having great success on social media because of its connection with high-profile actors, entertainers and bloggers, but also because of its commitment to being environmentally friendly and socially aware and responsible.” 

After building a loyal following in Brazil, MODERN SALON hears from Bossa on how TRUSS is gaining brand awareness in the U.S.

MS: What is the TRUSS mission statement?

MB: TRUSS’ mission is to build customer loyalty by providing high quality products that deliver noticeably impressive results every time. 

MS: When was the brand launched in the U.S.?

MB: In 2014, TRUSS spread its wings and landed in the U.S. To mark the beginning of something huge, the brand was launched with an unforgettable event at the infamous Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. Renowned Brazilian hairstylists not only put on a show but they introduced TRUSS’ American team to a large, though select, group of guests.

MS: How does TRUSS reach the hairdresser?

MB: In order to successfully reach the hairdresser, TRUSS carries a complete line of products that cater not only to the hairstylist with its professional line but also to the end customer with its maintenance line. The brand’s main concern is to deliver high technology and the best ingredients available in the market for impressive results. This provides the hairstylist not only with the tools they need to perform, but most importantly, it brings customer loyalty.  

MS: What kind of education is offered?

MB: TRUSS structured educational support consists of endless educational and instructional materials, and a highly qualified master educator. Our master educator is responsible for delivering successful education, training and support to distributor’s educators and sales teams.

 MS: What is one of TRUSS’ best selling products?

MB: It is very hard to choose one best-selling product because we have a couple that are in the spotlight. One of them is the versatile keratin infused flat iron which recuperates and hydrates damaged hair and can also be used to straighten or curl. Our smoothing treatment High Liss has been great because it does not contain formaldehyde but delivers straightening and treatment, as well as our K Recovery, which has really been proving its excellence in not only maintaining the hair’s integrity during bleaching but deeply nourishing the hair during the process.

MS: How is the brand distributed?

MB: TRUSS will be represented by distributors who carry professional cosmetics brands. We are actively seeking distribution and would welcome the chance to talk more about TRUSS.

MS: Have you participated in U.S. trade shows and, if so, which ones?

MB: Yes, TRUSS participated in the main 2015 American beauty shows such as International Beauty Show (IBS) in New York and Las Vegas, America’s Beauty Show (ABS) in Chicago and the Premiere Beauty Show in Orlando. 

The brand’s impressive, customized booth for all shows obtained very positive feedback and great interest from hairstylists, media and distributors. The year of 2016 holds big expectations for TRUSS, business-wise, considering 2015’s successful opening of the brand in impactful regions throughout the U.S.

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