MiraCurl Texture by BaBylissPRO (left) and Textured Pony by Matrix (right).
MiraCurl Texture by BaBylissPRO (left) and Textured Pony by Matrix (right).

MiraCurl Texture by BaBylissPRO

1. Lightly mist wet hair with BaBylissPRO MiraCurl Curl Prep for thermal protection. Dry hair with little or no tension.


2. Set MiraCurl for 8 seconds at the highest heat setting (425 degrees). Set curl direction to A (alternate) to prevent interlocking and permit curls to build on each other.


3. Taking one-inch vertical sections, brush through. Mist each section with BaBylissPRO MiraCurl Hairspray. Curl each section about one inch away from the scalp.


4. After curling the entire head, backcomb through the base. Softly brush the top, creating a flourishing wave to begin the style. Slightly backcomb the remaining curls from the temples down, leaving some curls defined.


5. Lightly mist with BaBylissPRO MiraCurl Hairspray, using your hands to softly scrunch the hair from the ends up.

Textured Pony by Matrix

1. On damp hair, apply 4 sprays of Matrix Style Link Turbo Dryer followed by 3 drops of Style Link Volume Booster. Rough-dry, lifting at the scalp.

2. Spray the hair in sections from scalp to ends with Style Link Texture Builder, about 10 sprays total.

3. Isolate the fringe area, and loosely gather the back section into a high ponytail. Secure with a hair tie, and wrap hair from ponytail around the elastic.

4. Tease the fringe area, direct toward the back and secure into the ponytail with hairpins.

5. Spray with Style Link Style Fixer.

Rope Braid Bun by Sexy Hair

1. Section hair from ear to ear across the back of the head, including the crown, and backcomb the entire section close to the scalp. Divide this section diagonally and create two ponytails very close together, the top directed to the right and the bottom to the left.

2. Create 3 sections in the back. Begin a French rope braid on the left under the ponytails, and when you reach the nape continue with traditional rope braiding. Repeat on the right side. In the center, expand your traditional rope braid slightly for texture. Twist center braid up and pin it over itself. Do the same on the left and right braids toward the center.

3. Twist ponytails into rope braid and bring over the already placed rope braids; then pin. Expand using Big Sexy Hair Powder Play, and finish with Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play.

Modern Waves by ghd

1. Section the head into three partings: top of the head and each side. 


2. Taking a one-inch horizontal section, place the ghd platinum styler two inches from roots. Slowly close the iron and rotate wrist 180 degrees away from the face. Angle the styler pointing downward at 45 degrees, and glide it through the ends. Repeat this technique on both sides, working upward to the top of the head.


3. Allow waves to cool for about five minutes. Shake out the hair with your fingertips to break up the waves and remove sectioning lines.


4. Use the ghd tail-comb to create a deep side part with a clean section above the end of the eyebrow.


5. Use a ghd detangling comb to complete your desired look.


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