Donald Scott NYC Launches the New DSNYC Barber Edition Range of Razor Tools and New Naked Blades

Donald Scott, founder and chief hair artist of Donald Scott NYC introduces the new DSNYC Barber Edition, a range of premium razor tools and new Naked Blades specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s modern barber. The barber profession is on an upward trajectory with a projected growth of ten percent between 2014–2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and as seen in high end vintage-inspired barber shops and full service salons that employ licensed barbers in order to appeal to a new set of male customers. This revival of traditional barber services, as well as barber culture, appeals to a younger generation of style conscious men who are looking for the complete grooming experience. 

DSNYC Barber Edition features high quality, versatile tools and replacement blades to appeal to contemporary barbers that take their cue from Hollywood, pop culture trends and street style grooming.

"I come from a family of barbers and hairdressers," Scott says. "Some of my earliest childhood memories are in a barbershop so I am thrilled to see the craft and community alive and well again. As an innovator always looking to offer artists new tools and techniques, the DSNYC Barber Edition is a natural extension of my brand and love for razor artistry."

The DSNYC Barber Edition will focus on grooming, fine precision cutting and razor detailing and includes the brand’s Swivel Twist, Groom Stik Pro and DS/X4 Razor, which comes with 11 guarded DSNYC blades and for a limited time also includes 10 DSNYC Naked Blades. The new Naked Blades are platinum, straight edge replacement blades designed for close, comfortable shaves.  

To further celebrate and support the barber community, DSNYC Barber Edition is partnering with master barber and founder of Mike’s Custom Kuts Barbershop, Mike Giraldo. As a national brand ambassador for DSNYC Barber Edition, Giraldo will appear as a platform artist at trade shows, offer product development support and serve as a social media influencer for the brand.

"Similar to Donald, hair has been a part of my life from a very young age," Giraldo says. "My grandmother was a hairstylist and I began cutting my friends' hair in my garage when I was just fourteen. Today's barbers have a lot more opportunity to be creative, working with clients to help them express themselves through a haircut or the way they trim and shape their facial hair, so I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with a brand like DSNYC Barber Edition that's offering superior tools that make this possible."

The DSNYC Barber Edition Includes: 

  • New Naked Blades: Platinum guard-free, straight edge disposable razors to fit the DS/X4 are designed for maximum comfort, control, glide and flexibility. Long lasting disposable blades are easy to sanitize and change.
  • DS/4X: Finishing tool perfect for cleaning any cut or grooming style; designed for precision work such as the nape of the neck, detailing hairlines or behind the ears, eye brow shaping and for razor sharp lines.
  • Prepare Liquid Tool Glide: A “liquid tool” specifically designed to work in harmony with DSNYC Barber Edition tools, offering optimal slide for wet or dry cuts; also works as a great primer when working on the nape of the neck. 
  • Swivel Twist: 2-in-1 razor tool with a 25% channel carve razor on one side and traditional 100% carve on the opposite side, promotes spontaneity and 360º motion while cutting. Removes bulk, adds volume and softens ends.
  • Groom Stik Pro: Battery operated, portable trimmer that grooms hard-to-reach places. Ideal for trimming around the ears, nose, eyebrows, sculpting sideburns and the nape of the neck. Longer lasting and more powerful than traditional trimmers of its kind. 

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