5 Questions For Doug Cox, Author Of "SH-BOOM! The Power of Positive Aging"

Have you heard about Sh-Boom! The Power of Positive Aging? This new book, by industry legend Doug Cox, is targeted for everyone between the ages of 50 and 100. The 149 page soft back shares the beauty of aging and includes chapters titled: "The Magic of Believing", "I Will Celebrate" and "I Will Develop My Sense of Humor." The easy read (it even has large print!) has pages for YOU to use as a journal, take notes and jot down thoughts about your own journey.

Doug Cox has had an impact on many in the beauty industry who have experienced any of inspirational presentations. His bestseller "This Day Is Mine" and other important books have influenced thousands of readers.

MODERN caught up with Cox to learn more about Sh-Boom! The Power of Positive Aging and why it is important to beauty professionals:


1. Why is this an important book for the salon industry?

The importance of SH-Boom, for the Salon Industry is that, like a wonderful salon visit, it touches not only the outside of the client, but touches the inside as well. A shampoo is not just a shampoo... it's a healing if it is done well. A great service leads to a new and more beautiful way of not only thinking but acting. I have created this book in that model. Hairstylists help people look and feel beautiful as they move through time.

2. What is your goal with this book?

So many people, of all ages who attend my presentations, ask me how, at my age, I can be so energetic and positive and my answer: "I'm not telling you... buy my book!" Just kidding. I wanted everyone to see each day as a fresh new opportunity for success and creativity rather than just another day older.

3. How can you use the lessons learned in this book to make life better/more interesting with your fellow salon professionals?

I made this book so interactive that the reader would want to share their best thoughts and ideas with those around them. From the early reviews I am hearing that people are truly digesting and then making "SH-Boom" a part of both their family and working discussions. As we write I am preparing for two in-salon trainings based on SH-Boom.

4. What is the value of this book for people younger than 50?

To my surprise, two of my first reviews came from young buyers - 30-50 - who revealed that they did not want to wait but wanted to prepare for their magnificent SH-Boom future! To my joy, they loved the book and see the journal as their contribution to family, friends and the world. One of them shared that he had purchased copies of the book for two of his "grumpy-grownup" relatives.

5. You have been in the salon industry for a long time. What are some of the most significant changes you’ve seen over the years?

The biggest changes that I have seen relate to losing the sense of team-power. Many salons have given way to independent studio space rentals and I certainly understand that shift. I have always encouraged the sense of family in business and that includes my work with both the Hard Rock and the terrific manufacturers with whom I have collaborated to build financial, emotional and spiritual success and achievement. There is a magnificent power in the equation of threes. Think tripod! Manufacturers, Distributors and Salons were once the power base for our great profession. Today we are searching for new partners to create that powerful base from which we will grow an even more bright and shining future for the most important profession in the world!

My Beauty Business motto has always been: 'We are not in the Beauty Business, the Beauty Business is in us... Or we do not deserve the title of Licensed Professional!" Not bad for a Cowboy/Client!

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