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Why did New Image Labs get involved in hair loss?

With more than 40 years of knowledge, experience and expertise, New Image Labs is a proven authority on hair and scalp issues. We consistently provide an innovative and comprehensive selection of products, services, education and business solutions for hair-replacement professionals. We are uniquely qualified to serve as a one-stop-shop resource for salon professionals who are interested in anything related to hair and scalp wellness.

We stay involved in both beauty and hair replacement simultaneously through education and product offerings that cater to a wide audience. For the past 30 years, we have been innovators and pioneers of hair-unit design.

We have everything from the highest quality, hand made hair systems to a revolutionary scalp therapy program (Active Care), a wet line (Nutrifuse), luxury hair extensions (Luxia), cutting edge scalp and skin analysis devices (Aram Huvis Americas) and the industry’s only online education portal (New Image University).

In which salon revenue categories does New Image Labs fit?

  • Hair enhancements, hair-replacement systems
  • Hair extensions
  • Skin, scalp and hair cuticle analysis devices
  • Scalp therapy
  • Wet line products

If a stylist or salon owner is unfamiliar with your products, what would you recommend they try first?

We would recommend that stylists begin by trying the Quantum 6 or the Cathy. Those units are both top-of-head hair enhancements for women. They are high-quality remy hair, which clients love, and they can both be used with many attachment methods including clip on, tape, microlinks and integration with the client’s existing hair.

What sets New Image Labs apart?

  • Innovation: We hold patents for hair-replacement systems.
  • Quality: We never sacrifice the quality of our production.
  • Genius of customer engineering
  • Strength of our supply chains
  • State-of-the-art facility in West Palm Beach, FL
  • Our accessories are environmentally friendly

What has been your most important launch to date?

In September 2016, we launched Luxia Artiss by Raphael Perrier: High-quality, double-drawn, hand-crafted European hair extensions at the MCB by Beauté Sélection (the International Hair and Beauty event in Paris). With a 38-point quality control standard and a supersonic application tool that eliminates heat damage and creates a tight seal in 3 seconds, Luxia Artiss Paris has pushed the boundaries to reinvent the way hair extensions are designed, applied, styled and relished.

What unique resources does New Image Labs provide salons?

New Image Labs is your one-stop-shop for all things hair replacement. We have everything from the highest quality, handmade hair systems to a revolutionary scalp therapy program (Active Care), a wet line (Nutrifuse), luxury hair extensions (Luxia), cutting-edge scalp and skin analysis devices (Aram Huvis Americas) and an online education portal (New Image University). 


Phone: 877-898-4669


Facebook: NewImageLabsInc

Instagram: newimagelabs

Twitter: newimagelabs

Advanced academy: New Image University: Three online certifications include Hair Loss Specialist, Master Hair Loss Specialist and Biolon Certification.

Brand Educators: 

  • Raphael Perrier, Luxia creative director and owner of Raphael Perrier salons in France, China and U.S.
  • Ricky Knowles, owner of Ricky Knowles Hair & Wellness, Houson, TX
  • Jay Benjamin, New Image Labs director of international sales, West Palm Beach, FL
  • Gianni Fodera, owner of Salon Fodera at the St. Regis Hotel, New York City
  • Maxime Dubois, Luxia brand educator


New Image Labs offers a comprehensive selection of men’s and women’s hair-enhancement solutions, from full-cap hair replacement systems and top-of-the-head hair enhancements to hair extensions, tapes and adhesives. 

  • Nutrifuse by Pro|Gen: The at-home regimen for total hair repair. This wet line was originally developed for the care and maintenance of hair-replacement systems. Nutrifuse provides deep-penetrating nutrition for dry-looking hair, sealing cuticles and leaving hair vibrant with a healthy sheen. It is specially formulated with argan oil, keratin and collagen to rejuvenate dry or damaged hair, and it’s completely sulfate- and paraben-free. Nutrifuse includes a complete product line for both men and women.
  • Aram Huvis Americas: With high-resolution imaging and up to 1000x magnification, devices provide an accurate assessment of skin, hair scalp and hair cuticles. Cameras evaluate hair loss status, density, thickness, keratin, vessels, scalp, cuticle and more to produce undeniable proof that can increase salon sales and profits.
  • Active Care by Pro|Gen: Innovative scalp-therapy system offers curated recommendations for each customer based on expert analysis of the scalp. Products are made in France specifically for hair and scalp concerns including oily scalp, thinning hair, irritated or sensitive scalp, product build-up or dandruff.
  • Luxia: With Raphael Perrier at the creative helm, New Image Labs developed hand-crafted, double-drawn hair extensions. With fine European hair, the supersonic application tool eliminates heat damage and creates a tight seal in 3 seconds. A 38-point quality-control standard showcases a commitment to quality versus quantity.

Best seller:

Ladies units are all made with the highest quality remy hair. The Cathy is a versatile, multi-purpose top-of-the-head hair enhancement. The Celine is our most sought-after unit because of quality, comfort and fit. The Quantum 6 is known for versatility because it can be attached with clips, tape, microlinks or integration with the client’s real hair. The Icon 6L uses lace natural looks. One of the most well-known hair units is the patented Paragon; it has an innovative stitching concept, and the hair looks and feels like it grew out of the head. The Paragon made a revolutionary impact on the hair-replacement industry as the first fully bonded unit. 



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