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elvira boix photography for Getty Images

This month’s “Priority Pink” Healthy Hairdresser Challenge makes it simple: just do a breast self-check, schedule a mammogram or schedule any other type of health screening or medical appointment. Our sponsor for this Challenge is Ouidad, a company founded by breast cancer survivor Ouidad. Ten lucky participants will win a full-size product from Ouidad’s 2016 “Curls for the Cure Foundation” campaign, the Superfruit Renewal Clarifying Cream Shampoo (retail value $26; $2 of each sale donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation). Also, one grand prize winner will earn a free Ouidad two-day certification training (education value $900; travel and accommodations not included).

A lot of you are saying, “Absolutely yes!” to the Challenge. While you all have different reasons, many of the responses we’re getting are from hair pros who have cancer in their families. We remind you that 85% or more of breast cancer diagnoses occur in women with no breast cancer history in a first-degree relative, according to BreastCancer.org. Everyone should get screenings and do self-checks!

Here’s a sample of the entries we’re receiving. Enter yours!

Kimberly S., who is scheduling a mammogram this month—Taking the time to take care of myself is very difficult. With five kids and a full book at work, I definitely push things to the back burner. October is a great reminder to make the time for your health.
Michele M., scheduling both a mammogram and another health screening this month—My sister and grandmother have been through breast cancer. I feel it is vital for all women affected or not to be aware of their own bodies and take the time to make sure they are healthy not only for themselves but their families as well.
Heather A., performing a breast self-check this month—A week ago I had a partial mastectomy on my right breast. It has been a very long journey leading up to all of this. I was given the news yesterday that all my testing came back benign, precancerous. Without this surgery it would have been only a matter of time before it was full-blown breast cancer, and I am only 32 years old. This whole experience has opened my eyes to becoming a voice for women my age and younger who feel this can’t happen to them. Thank God that I am and will be a survivor just from taking the steps to get myself checked out. Every woman should.
Morcia B., doing a breast self-check this month—Priority Pink is relevant to me, because one of my closest cousins is a survivor. It was an eye-opener to see her go through the process of fighting. I also recently lost a very dear client who had been battling breast cancer for five years.
Yolanda B., scheduling a medical appointment this month—I had my pelvic cancer screening just last month, and my mammogram was done in August. I am committed to monthly breast exams and making sure all of my exams are completed when they are due. As a stylist, I believe keeping up on our exams and maintaining our health is very important.
Kathleen B., scheduling another health screening this month—I am a stage 4 breast cancer survivor, so I believe in being proactive. I did, however, do all my mammograms, and my cancer was missed. So I try to spread awareness about additional testing.
January M., scheduling another health appointment—I am always making time for others and never for myself. This seems like such an important reason to take time and do something for me. Thank You for reminding me of this.
Vicki D., scheduling another health appointment—As a two-year breast cancer survivor, I strongly advocate annual mammogram screenings. Mine was detected during routine mammo; I would not have felt the lump. However, I urge you to do self exams, as several friends detected their cancer by breast self-exam. We will survive, We are Warriors, We are strong!

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