Hair by Gibs
Hair by Gibs

Men’s roles are expanding, and that’s reflected in the broader range of looks for guys.

“From our conversations in social media and with our own brand ambassadors, we’re noticing a shift toward more non-traditional roles, such as staying home with their kids,” observes Brian “Gib” Long, CEO of Gibs Grooming. “Guys are comfortable enough with themselves to do that, and in the process they’re learning to do their own hair! Some own a hair dryer for the first time—to style their volume on top. We see that trend continuing, which is why we added pomades. While our brand has always appealed to the everyday guy, we’re finding that today there are lots of types of ‘everyday’ guys.”

Although the facial hair trend isn’t going away, the style is evolving.

“We’re seeing a more cleaned-up look for beards,” Gib says, “but a greater number of men are wearing some facial hair.”


When you market to men, keep in mind that they live in the “now” and they’re open to suggestion.

  •  Guys don’t browse. They shop for what they need today.
  •  Men like simplicity and want value for their money.
  •  Male clients go for high-performing, easy-to-use products. Extra points if they also deliver instant results!
  •  Men travel with next to nothing. Stock up on trial sizes and travel kits.
  •  Guys welcome the professional’s advice in fi ghting thinning hair.
  •  Guys will use skin care products formulated just for them.
  •  Men respond to fragrances that evoke the outdoors—the sea, open air or woods.

Remember that you’re also marketing men’s items to women to purchase as gifts. Point them toward the products that men choose for themselves.

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