Choose Beauty: Fashion Week Powerhouse James Pecis

When taking with Oribe Global Ambassador James Pecis, you get the sense of a couple things. First, that he is quietly but fiercely passionate about art and beauty. Second, it seems like he knows everyone, and everyone who sees him is so immensely glad to see him.

Daniel Kaner is hands-down one of the most inspiring people to work with and just to be around,” Pecis says of Kaner, a co-founder and co-president of Oribe (his other half being Tev Finger). “And it has nothing to do with the fact that he has me on his team. He’s a good guy and a good human.”

It’s apparent that Pecis’ respect of Kaner and others striving to make the world a little better and brighter—Elon Musk is another source of inspiration he names—is something that is also reflected in himself. And now you know why everyone is so happy to see him. But back to his beauty journey (though it does seem intrinsically intertwined with those “good people” along his way).

The 36-year-old artist was 19 when he began assisting in San Francisco. Being interested in photography, he eventually moved to New York to pursue a career in editorial and session styling. After working his way up to first assistant with a couple stylists, he moved to London to continue his career there.

“Out of the four main cities for the fashion industry—New York, Paris, Milan and London—London by far has the most creative side to it, so it’s an amazing place for hairdressers to grow,” Pecis says.

So he stayed in that fashion-fueled creative hub for about six and a half years, then moved back to New York. Although he says he’s worked with an array of different brands and manufacturers, Pecis says joining the Oribe team was an easy decision to make.

“When (Kaner) asked if I’d join their team, it was no question,” Pecis says. “I hold my work to a certain standard, and they do, too.”

Although Pecis jokingly says his title is Oribe global embarrassment, not ambassador, it’s pretty apparent that the Oribe team thinks nothing of the sort. Pecis works with the brand to develop education and products; participates in their shows, ateliers and classes; and train the rest of the education team. On top of countless Oribe events around the country, Pecis is also a fashion week powerhouse and typically styles around 30 shows per season. Hardly an embarrassment.

Beauty Bio

Favorite current beauty trend: “The trend I’m loving to death is girls going natural. That’s a huge evolution in society. Shows are becoming more ethnically diverse, and it’s about time.”

Best part of his job: “The unpredictable part. After Oribe's Los Angeles Atelier, I know I’m going to the Canary Islands for two days, but after that, I have no idea. For a lot of people, session styling isn’t for them.”

Most absurdly fantastic tattoo: “I was at a tattoo parlor, and I texted my sister and asked her what the most ridiculous thing she could think of was, and she said a dancing banana in a hula skirt, so…”

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