Help clients root for the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday by sporting nail art featuring team logos, stars, stripes, and footballs. Ayumi Namaizawa of Mars the Salon in West Hollywood created this nail look that is sure to score big with fans!


STEP 1: Apply Base coat.
STEP 2: Apply white color on index, ring, and pinky, and red color on thumb, and black on middle finger.
STEP 3: Draw a shape of Falcons’ logo with white color.
STEP 4: Draw the detail of the Falcons’ logo with black color, and filled inside of wings with red.
STEP 5: Draw the outer lines of the logo with light gray color.
STEP 6: Draw two red lines diagonally on index and pinky finger.
STEP 7: Draw 2 red lines diagonally on index and pinky.
STEP 8: Draw 4 black lines next to the red lines.
STEP 9: Write “ATLANTA” with red, and “FALCONS” with black on ring finger.
STEP 10: Draw 2 curved lines, and 1 vertical line on the center, and then draw 3 horizontal lines on the vertical line on middle finger.
STEP 11: Apply top coat.


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