Hair: Stephanie LeBlanc of Salon SK in Covington, Louisiana
Hair: Stephanie LeBlanc of Salon SK in Covington, Louisiana

Celeb Luxury’s Colorwash launch created major buzz for its power and effectiveness in adding color into hair while cleansing and stopping visible color washout and fade. With continued use at home, it keeps hair color fresh until the next color service. Now, Celeb Luxury is introducing its custom mixing program, Colorbrain Custom Colorwash Mix.

Vincent Costanzo, Celeb Luxury’s Director of Education, says this new mixing program is designed to encourage colorists to formulate their own unique Custom Colorwash Mix to match their client’s hair color precisely. The mixing program comes with mixing bottles featuring an area on the front of the bottle for the colorist to write usage directions, the colorist’s name and the date of the client’s next color service.

“Before, clients were limited to the colors we offer," Costanzo says. "Now we are allowing the salons and stylists to make unmatched personal formulas in the retail product, giving the client an opportunity to have something that is custom tailored, made just for them.”

What does this mean for diversion and salon sales? According to Leland Hirsch, founder of Celeb Luxury, "No one can divert your Colorbrain, it's impossible! I want the colorist’s brain in the bottle, in the shower, with their client. It stops diversion and it also stops internet discounting.”

Here, Stephanie LeBlanc of Salon SK in Covington, Louisiana, takes her client on a Custom Colorwash Mix journey both at the salon, and once the client goes home for her to keep it fresh between services.

"I love Colorbrain Custom Colorwash Mix because these days everyone is on the go and wants to get in and out," LeBlanc says. "Celeb Luxury gives you that option and still give clients a color that's long-lasting and just as beautiful as any other semipermanent color line. And not to mention clients can use the shampoo at home to keep the color as vibrant as the first day."


Bowl 1: Viral Extreme Hot Pink Colorwash

Bowl 2: Viral Extreme Red Colorwash

Bowl 3: Orange Addition custom mix: 7 parts Viral Extreme Yellow + 1 part Viral Extreme Red

  1. Prelighten the hair to the palest yellow. Wash with Moisturewash.
  2. Dry hair completely for more longevity and to simplify application.
  3. Apply Formula 1 from scalp to 1/3 down with color brush.
  4. Apply Formula 2 on center 1/3 blending edges with Formula 1 using the color brush.
  5. Apply Formula 3 to last 1/3, blending edges to create a fiery mix. Process for 20 minutes, splash with warm water and gently emulsify Colorwash, avoid blending the colors together. With strong water pressure, rinse all Colorwash colors out until water runs completely clear.
  6. Follow with Blonditioner and Extreme Smoothing Styler.

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