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Celeb Luxury and Leland Hirsch Introduce Gem Lites and Viral Colorwash Systems in Colorposit Category

Alison Alhamed | July 1, 2016 | 10:24 AM
Leland Hirsch debuts Celeb Luxury's Colorwash system in two formulations: Gem Lites and Viral.
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Gem Lites Colorwash System
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Viral Colorwash system
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Celeb Luxury created these swatches in its onsite laboratory to showcase the results achievable through its Colorwash system--when alternating WITH Shinewash and Moisturewash, and when used without alternating.
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MODERN's Maggie Mulhern and Alison Alhamed with Leland Hirsch as he debuts his new Celeb Luxury brand.
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It’s no secret that Leland Hirsch has had a successful and long history in the haircolor business—in fact, both Vogue and MODERN have dubbed him the “Godfather of Haircolor” for his devotion to haircolor education, innovation and product performance. But for nearly four years, Leland has been sitting on a secret in the color world, and he’s finally ready to go public.

With the launch of his hush-hush Celeb Luxury he’s been teasing this year, Leland and his Ft. Lauderdale, Florida-based team come to market with 26 SKUs designed to increase salon retail sales and add a service to the salon menu.

“In our industry we have demipermanent, semipermanent and permanent color as categories,” he says. “We started a new category: Colorposit.”

Using trademarked technology with two pending performance patents, Celeb Luxury introduces its Colorwash system, which adds color while cleansing and is designed to stop color from visible washout and fade.

Available in two lines—Gem Lites, for traditional color shades, and Viral, for bright fashion shades—results will be rich and vibrant and help take color services to the next level.

“I didn’t want to copy myself,” says Leland, referring to ARTec, the color-depositing shampoo line he launched in 1989 and later sold in 2002. “I wanted to make a product I’ve never made. As a colorist and chemist you have the opportunity to be a visionary with what you want to make, but you don’t always have the materials to make it happen. Technology has finally caught up to me.”

And while he’s particularly proud of the dye formulation in the Colorwash system, he’s equally proud of the intense moisture and conditioning it provides, in a sulfate-free formula, along with a delicate cleansing and rich lather.

“This is all about shampooing in shower and not having tangles,” Leland says. “It’s about good slippage. You get out, comb right through your hair and keep your hair on head.”

The products will be available beginning August 2016 at CosmoProf stores, and in September 2016 at select Armstrong McCall stores. The cost of Colorwash in both Gem Lites and Viral formulations for salons is $17.50, with $35 as a suggested retail price. The styling products are $11.50 to salons, $23 suggested retail. There’s more to come from Celeb Luxury, but in classic Leland style, it’s top secret. To get “in the know” sign up for early alerts, sign up to be a “First to Know” at


Inspired by brilliant gem stones, the brightest organic colors coming from the earth, Gem Lights is available in 10 tones, with three clear products. With formulas ranging from Flawless Diamond to Brown Tahitian Pearl, the salon retail display speaks directly to the client, instructing her to pick the gem stone that most closely resembles her haircolor—all designed to keep haircolor fresh, nourished and smooth with high-gloss shine and an extra-gentile sulfate-free formula.

Gem Lites In-Salon Use

Can be used at the bowl for instant results, or as a replacement for permanent or demipermanent color, to achieve fast, cost-effective and creative effects.
After client receives color service, rinse haircolor from the hair, if desired result is achieved, use the matching Gem Lites Colorwash to lock-in and seal the color service. To adjust, boost, brighten or tone-down, choose the appropriate Colorwash product. Multiple applications can be used to accomplish the desired result. To prevent color from washout and fade, send the client home with the matching Colorwash and have them alternate every other shampoo with Shinewash. Follow with Bonditioner and Celeb Secret Fix. NOTE: Leaving Gem Lites Colorwash on the hair will not achieve more intense results. Multiple applications will achieve brighter, deeper results.

Gem Lites Home Maintenance

Start client on Gem Lites Colorwash the day of fresh color. Continuous use adds and replenishes color, preventing haircolor from looking washed out or faded between color services. Alternate with Shinewash every other shampoo to manage vibrancy of haircolor tones. Boost and balance haircolor that is faded/uneven.


Flawless Diamond: Anti-Yellow Whitener. For foil highlights, balayage, all blondes, virgin gray and white natural hair. Neutralize unwanted yellow tones, cleanses, adds color, prevents visible color loss from washout and fade, continuous use maintains whiteness in blonde and gray hair.

Citrine: Pale Blonde Glo. For foil highlights, balayage, all blondes and natural hair. True color brilliance, cleanses, adds color, prevents visible color loss from washout and fade, continuous use maintains pale blonde tones.

Sunstone: Blonde. For foil highlights, balayage, all blondes, and natural hair.

Cognac Quartz: Caramel Blonde. For foil highlights, balayage, medium blonde to light brown and natural hair.


Tourmaline: Strawberry Blonde. For strawberry and deep blondes, foil highlights, balayage and natural hair.

Fire Opal: Copper. For all coppers, copper reds, browns and natural hair

Ruby: Red. For all bright and deep reds, browns and natural hair


Amber: Copper Brown. For copper browns, foil highlights, balayage and natural hair

Brown Diamond: Sunbrown. For deep blondes, browns, foil highlights, balayage and natural hair.

Brown Tahitian Pearl: Brassy Red Eliminator. For all browns, deep blondes and gray virgin hair. Corrects brassy, warm tones.


Viral Colorwash adds jewel-tones on deeper colors, and bright/bold color on pre-lightened hair, while cleansing and is designed to stop visible color fade. Viral can be used as a replacement for demipermanent or semipermanent color, and is designed to make colors brighter and bolder. Continuous use adds and replenishes. Alternate use with Moisturewash, or, for more color intensity, do not alternate. “The market mentality for bright colors is ‘I want to get noticed,’” Leland says. “It’s personality color at its highest level. What does going Viral mean? Getting noticed.”

Viral Colorwash In-Salon Use

Extreme or Pastel Colorwash are designed for long-wearing, better holding bold and pastel colors. The formulations allow for customization of intensity or softness. Viral can be used as a global color application, for toning, or to refine/boost/adjust/brighten final color.

Viral Colorwash Home Maintenance

Send the client home with the matching Colorwash product and have them alternate with Moisturewash. Follow with Blonditioner and Extreme Smoothing Styler.

EXTREME SHADES: Extreme Hot Pink, Extreme Silver, Extreme Yellow, Extreme Teal, Extreme Blue, Extreme Purple, Extreme Red

PASTEL SHADES: Pastel Baby Blue, Pastel Lavender, Pastel Light Pink


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