James Pecis, Oribe Educator
James Pecis, Oribe EducatorOribe

James Pecis, Global Ambassador to Oribe Hair Care is one of today’s emerging voices in the world of editorial and runway hair. Pecis collaborates on new products, education events, editorial shoots and fashion weeks around the world.

“I started with Oribe two years ago, and it came at such amazing time,” says Pecis. “At that time I was freelancing with a couple product lines. Sometimes it’s hard to find a relationship with a product company. Yet, when Oribe came into the picture it was a no brainer—it was a product line meant for styling hair and I wanted to be a part of it.”

Pecis says Oribe has become the Harvard of education in the beauty industry. “A lot of the classes are really hard,” he says. “There’s been a demand for education that’s the next level and that’s what we are focusing on. Trends are always changing so our education also changes. We want to make sure our education is current.”

“Through social media and different channels things are moving at an extremely fast pace. We are learning how take information and pass it onto students as fast as possible.”

MODERN SALON: What’s it mean to you being an Oribe educator?
JAMES PECIS: There’s a sense of pride being part of Oribe. We have such an amazing team and a high caliber of people. Oribe always performs at the highest level—from the flowers they arrange at events to what goes into the products. We have educators who are really inspiring and I find it wonderful being part of that kind of culture. I like being able to share that with people.

Every day I go to work is a mystery—and a lot of times I don’t know what I’m going to be asked to do that day. The beauty industry is always evolving and you have to be prepared as trends move. I love it when there’s something I don’t know how to do and I have to figure it out.

MS: Where do you find inspiration?
JP: Sometimes I will sit for hours trying to figure out a certain braid or technique on a mannequin head. Techniques change every season so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. You’ll find me constantly working on mannequin heads, drawing diagrams, and studying different pictures for inspiration. I love figuring out how things were done. It’s the curiosity part that keeps us hairdressers creating different things.

MS: What¹s the best thing you¹ve learned from a mentor?
JP: “Act like a swan. Look calm and collected on top but paddle like hell below.” Think things through—be methodical.

MS: What do you see trending in hairstyling/haircoloring right now?
JP: The amount of people with curly hair is high right now. It’s amazing how far it’s gone from flatironing to people putting waves in their hair with curling irons…and now it’s full blown curls. I’m curious to see if perms will come back—but modernized. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some of that. There’s been a big movement towards “going natural”—people with curly hair are embracing it as a fashion statement.

Today you need to approach things differently. You have to become a better hairdresser than before because you need to know how to address different hair textures. Also, know which products are good for your clients.

MS: Who would you love to makeover?
JP: Michele Obama

MS: What¹s your go-to tool?
JP: My Hercules Comb

MS: What¹s your favorite Oribe product?
JP: Swept up Powder—I am addicted to it right now.

MS: Why should stylists choose Oribe products?
JP: There’s nothing in the world like Oribe. After using the products you’ll realize that other products really aren’t the same. The quality is unmatched—it's the best.

MS: What are some words of wisdom that you live by that you think would be inspirational for other hairdressers?
JP: Continue to practice, be a good person and have fun! Curiosity is what pushes us forward to learn more.

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