2017 MODERN SALON 100: Antonio Estrada (@antestradahair)

Antonio Estrada (@antestradahair), 26, of Etch Salon, Scottsdale, AZ, has an amazing page. With more than 680 posts, his 6K plus followers get to see amazing braids and updos.


Best known for: Braids and balayage 

Favorite apps: Enlight (watermark) imovie (videos) 

Favorite hashtags: #azhair #scottsdalestylist #balayage #modernsalon #weddinghair #bombhair #braids #etchsalon 

Who I’m following: @mastersofbalayage @modernsalon @mastersofbraids @beyondetheponytail 

Tip to get best results on a post: Make sure picture has great lighting. Don't have anything in the picture that could distract from the hair. Post early morning and right before bed that's when everyone will be checking their social media. 

Favorite professional beauty products: Shu Uemura Ample Angora Volumizing Light Foam, Oribe Dry Texture Spray, Shu Uemura Urban Moisture Hair Mask 

How social media changed my life: Social media has changed my life by allowing me to have fun at work. I am able to throw in fun clients in everyday because of social media. It has allowed me to have a portfolio whenever I need it. Most importantly is all the education I get from social media. I've learned so much from other artists. I love social media. 

The first time I was featured on MODERN SALON was…. June, 2017. I am so thankful for all and any support. To be featured on Modern salon was a huge goal of mine.


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