2017 MODERN SALON 100: Sarah Mac @thespiritualhairdresser

No stranger to her work gracing @modernsalon's page (or the cover of our magazine and supplements), Sarah Mac's page, @thespiritualhairdresser, mixes good-for-the-soul hair and motivation while giving an inside look into her own life. Mac's page demonstrates the passion and spirit behind the craft, and we love her for that.

Sarah Mac
Location: Santa Clarita, CA
Salon: Mac Ranch Studio, Santa Clarita, CA
Best known for: Blondes, braids and updos

Age: 33

Favorite app: imovie, facetune, UNUM, Fyuse 

Favorite hashtags: #MODERNSALON #blondehair #platinumhair #blondebalayage #lanzalove #framarint #blondegirl #braidideas #braidqueen #braidstyles #updohairstyle​

Who I’m following: @Modernsalon, @samvilla, @lisabotts, @leahatfuse, @daniellekeasling, @traceyhughesedu, @viviennemackinder, @sharonblain, @ruthroche (I'm drawn to strong women)

Tip to get best results on a post: Share formulas and the process if you are posting a color and know WHAT you want to gain from your social media account, such as clients, friends, recognition, followers—anything is fine, but post accordingly to what you want to attract and achieve.

Favorite professional beauty products: L'anza Healing Haircare, and it's not just a plug. Truly one of the best product lines I've ever worked with from the front of the salon to the back. I am already noticing a huge difference in my clients’ hair since I have made the switch.

How social media changed your life: I am a very social person so I love that it has allowed me to meet other like-minded people all over the world that are passionate about our industry the way that I am.



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