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2017 MODERN SALON 100: Tiffany Massey (@tiffanymhair)

by Maggie Mulhern | August 4, 2017
Tiffany Massey (@tiffanymhair), 29, of  Structure Hair Studio, Dahlonega, GA, is a colorist, specializing in creative/corrective colors, balayage and ombre. Check out her page to see insane melts, peek-a-boos, braids, makeovers and fashion color finishes. She is so talented and has just 2,659 followers as of this posting.
Most viral post: A pastel color melt of "mer-braid"
Favorite apps: Word swag, perfect 365 for facial blemishes on clients, Instagram. I don't really do much editing because I like to keep my work true to real. 
Favorite hashtags: #vibranthair I always love hashtags of names of products used, types of braids, names of colors/brands used, and of course #modernsalon! Keep hashtags clean and relevant.
Who I follow: @confessionsofahairstylist ,David @butterflyloftsalon_ so many and hard to list all. I love accounts that are inspirational, have good clean photos that emphasize hair, bright colors, fun styles, and truthful advice, and TUTORIALS!
Pro Tip: First and foremost- create a separate portfolio page for your work- not only will this help you separate your work from home life, but your portfolio will always be there, no matter where you live/work, this is where you show what you're made of (plus it's professional and impressive). Always take photos in front of a clean wall, keep clean cape on clients if clothing doesn't emphasize or disrupts hair color/style, use a ring light for indoor photos, take a few shots, make sure you like position/lighting, then take a few more, be creative- flex your colors with braids, ponytails, twists, use fun accessories to accentuate style. Share what inspired the color or style. 
Favorite products: I adore all things Sexy Hair for styling Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo is hands down the love of my life, Sexy Hair Rose Elixir is an amazing shine spray for pre-photo polishing. Pulp Riot and Pravana for my creative colors, Pulp Riot Blonde AF lightener is a game-changer! 
How social media changed my life: Social media has changed my life on a personal and professional level. I'm a very visual person-I get visions of things I want to create, I'm a visual learner, I envision things as people tell stories- social media is totally visual! It's a place for artists to share/show their work, which is how you sell it. I am also thankful that everyday I get to see thousands of other artists' work, which inspires me. Creativity feeds creativity. 
The first time I was featured on MODERN: My first Modern Salon feature was from a #playingwithpurple contest- I WON! It was so shocking and motivating to see my work noticed. I'm a small-town stylist with big dreams. No matter where you live/work, social media can be what puts you on the map. I'm forever grateful to the pages, Modern Salon being my #1 goal, who share stylists' passion and hard work. Put your all into your services, flex your work, and up your photo game, you'll be next and I'll be here watching/cheering you on!


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