9 Industry-Proven Ways to Market Your Salon and Build Your Brand

Need some fresh marketing ideas for your salon? The secret to successful marketing involves a combination of brand awareness and fostering long-lasting relationships with your community. Millennium S.I. has put together the best beauty industry brand strategies to keep your marketing game strong:

  1. Build relationships with local wedding and event vendors. Beauty services play a huge role on big milestone days such as weddings, engagements, graduations, sweet sixteens, bar and bat mitzvas, quinceañeras, and much more. It can greatly benefit your business to be referred by other trusted event vendors.
  2. Attend an educational workshop or trade show.Creating new industry relationships can open new doors. Networking and creating mutually-beneficial relationships with peers and mentors may be the element you need to take your business to the next level.
  3. Do an Instagram takeover.With over 700 million active monthly users, Instagram provides the platform to exponentially expand your brand exposure. Get your name out there and partner with other businesses/vendors/publications to promote your salon.
  4. Utilize link in bio.Create Instagram posts that speak to other marketing efforts (newsletters, blog, etc.) where you can funnel Instagram followers into your email list and increase your reach.
  5. Send ‘We miss you’ emails or SMS messages. Target clients who have not returned to your salon in the last 90 days and offer them a little incentive to come back. Many will appreciate the gesture, thus increasing your client retention and frequency of visit.
  6. Start a blog.Share your unique perspective, position yourself as an industry leader, and add value to your brand. Blogs add a relatable element to your brand, increase traffic to your website, as well as connect you to clients.
  7. Utilize Instagram galleries.Instead of posting one image that shows before and after, use Instagram’s gallery feature to take your audience through the process, making their engagement with your brand last longer.
  8. Get a client-facing salon app.In a mobile-minded world, clients expect mobile accessibility from your business. Put your salon directly in the palm of your client’s hand with an app that allows them to engage 24/7.
  9. Offer VIP perks. Perks help set your business apart from the competition as well as increase client retention and frequency of visit. Delight your clients with additional perks such as “free add-on Mondays” or “Membership Appreciation Day.”

100 Powerful Ways to Build Your Brand and Market Your Business

There are endless ways to market your salon or spa and create long-lasting brand awareness. Put these industry-proven ideas into action, and watch your hard work turn into mutually-beneficial relationships, paying (and happy) clients, and an increased bottom line.

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