Taking maybe-she's-born-with-it bombshell waves for a test drive after leaving the Hairtalk offices.
Taking maybe-she's-born-with-it bombshell waves for a test drive after leaving the Hairtalk offices.

 If 2016 was the year extensions, wigs and hair pieces went mainstream among the stars, thanks to celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Kylie Jenner, 2017 was the year that mindset of instant hair gratification was bestowed upon the client. No longer are extensions seen as taboo, but more simply, a quick way to achieve one’s dream hair.

That trend of extensions being displayed on hangers at tradeshows, mentioned last year here, for an extension-as-an-accessory feel? I’m a big believer in that ever since I tried Hairtalk’s Hairband for the first time in their offices. Let it be known that before that day two weeks ago, I had never worn extensions aside from a few light pink ones I had glued in for a few confusing weeks of junior high when I thought streaky highlights were cool (ok, I’m done reflecting on the ghosts of my beauty choice’s past…you don’t want me to get into matching my Urban Decay eyeliner to my clothes in seventh grade—ever). Now, I understand why someone would want to rock their lob on Monday through Thursday and hair past their shoulders for the weekend. I also understand how easy it can be.

The Hairband is the extension for your non-extension client. With no clips, tapes or hooks, dare I say this hair piece is almost as simple to put on as a headband or party hat?

The Hairtalk Hairband instantly adds volume and length to hair. Made from 100% Remy Human Hair and placed on a handsewn weft, the Hairband stretches snug to the head, making it stay put but not too tight.

It takes about five minutes to put on. With practice even less—really, I timed myself and it took about three and a half minutes and I’m still getting the hang of it.


As what I’d like to call a “professional client,” when selling a Hairband to your clientele, first show her how amazing the product is by letting her try one on (it’s good to keep samples on-hand) or stealthily take your own off your head unexpectedly—my editor has done it in the office in front of me, and trust me, it gets a reaction. Demonstrate how quickly it can be applied. Let her sit in front of the mirror in awe at her hair. And speaking from my experience, she will be in AWE! I’ve had long hair before, but not long hair like this! Within the first 30 seconds of having the Hairband on, I quickly came to the conclusion that no Victoria’s Secret Angel is born with their bombshell waves, and that I can achieve that hair too.

Once the client is sold on the idea (because she will be) I think it’s best for you to help her apply her new Hairband before she leaves your chair and walk her through how to put it on so it looks as good at home when she does it as it did when you do it. Here are Hairtalk’s helpful hints.

A shameless mirror selfie documenting my new look wearing the Hairband.
A shameless mirror selfie documenting my new look wearing the Hairband.


STEP 1: After brushing and styling hair, part hair. This will make blending the Hairband easier.
STEP 2: Place hairband on the crown of the head. The hairband should rest about two inches from the hairline. Allow the weft to fall naturally between the ears at the occipital.
STEP 3: Using the end of a rattail comb, gently pull the natural hair over the hairband to disguise it.
STEP 4: Continue this around the head until the band is completely covered and seamless.

While I was at Hairtalk’s offices, I was handed my Hairband and instructed to apply it on myself just as the pros had put it on me. I honestly just had trouble getting all the pieces in the back to thread over the back, because well frankly I do not have eyes in the back of my head (despite what my boyfriend might tell you). Just like any other styling technique, this takes practice. Don’t let your client out of your chair until you trust she isn’t going to leave confused and frustrated with her new accessory. Even offer a short, consultation-length appointment to her if she wants to return for another lesson.

I left the offices that day feeling confident and beautiful with my “new” hair. I can’t explain all the compliments I received in the next couple of days, ranging from one of my most-liked and commented on Instagram posts ever, to the TSA agent at the Miami airport telling me I have beautiful hair. Honestly, it took everything in me not to tell the agent it’s not my hair, but instead I just smiled and strutted away like the Victoria’s Secret Angel that I never knew hid inside me.

Hairtalk's Hairband is available in 16 different colors, including Colormelts like what I am wearing, and 16" and 20" long. For more information, visit hairtalk.com

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