See Wahl Professional's Think Like An Artist Video

by Lauren Quick | November 30, 2017

Wahl Professional has produced Think Like an Artist, a 10-minute, documentary-style video paying homage to the history and culture of American barbering. The aim is to encourage barbers and stylists to feel confident in their professional abilities as artists. 

"A universal takeaway from the video is to empower barbers and stylists throughout the world to gain relevant insights from the culture of American barbering that they can apply to their craft," says Lance Wahl, Wahl Clipper Corporation's global vice president professional products. "This video and other initiatives to be rolled out are part of Wahl's mission to set the standard of products and education both nationally and internationally."

Viewers can learn about the role of barbers in today's American culture as well how barbershops can shape communities for years to come. It also covers Wahl's impact on the industry.

The video was filmed at Wahl's headquarters in Sterling, Illinois, and four Midwest barbershops.

"Today, we have mixed cultures and mixed textures of hair that require professionals to use different types of tools and techniques," says Laura VanderMoere, Wahl Professional director of global education. "You have to be able to think like an artist. Think, 'What techniques am I going to use to get my vision accomplished, and what tools am I going to need according to the texture of the hair?'"


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