Diving into Fashion Color

"Sarah came in asking to brighten up her existing balayage and also dive into fantasy colors," says Jon Frawley (@jonnystylez), a hairstylist based at Bangz Salon and Wellness Spa, Montclair, New Jersey.

Here Frawley shares the details for the new look:

Step 1: Balayage throughout using Wella Freelights and 40 volume.

Step 2: Process with no heat for 45 minutes. Shampoo with Wella Elements and apply Wella Blondor Seal and Care after to seal the cuticle. Process for 10 minutes then rinse and towel dry.

Step 3: Alternate Pulp Riot: Area51, Firefly, Jam, and Blush. Process for 25 minutes and rinse. 

Step 4: To finish, prep with R&Co Prep spray and dry. Take one inch sections and spray with R & Co Sea Salt Spray. Using a 1 1/4 24k gold Hot Tools curling iron, curl all away from the face. Once done, rake out the looks waves with your fingers and finish with R and Co Outerspace hairspray to hold the style all day.

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