Multi-Color Ribbon Effect

by Rosanne Ullman | April 26, 2018
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Customize your color looks with Celeb Luxury’s Gem Lites and Viral Colorditioner. This look was created by Celeb Luxury for the Modern Fairytale campaign from CosmoProf and MODERN SALON.

  1. After prelightening the hair to a pale blonde, balance the palette by custom-mixing Gem Lites Flawless Diamond with Viral Silver Colorwash. Blow-dry.
  2. For the Multi-Color look, separate hair into eight sections—six sections in the back and two sections on the front/sides. For Perfect Purple, use just four sections.
  3. Create small horizontal partings starting at the nape, working up to the crown and finishing on the sides. Apply shadow root color and ribbon by alternating colors throughout each section. For Multi-Color, use Viral Colorditioner in Coral, Rose Gold, Turquoise, Lilac, Blue, Magenta and Purple. For Perfect Purple, use Rose Gold, Coral and Purple.
  4. Send the Multi-Color client home with a custom mix of Silver and Lilac Colorditioner for at-home maintenance with a metallic look. Send the Perfect Purple client home with a custom mix of Rose Gold and Coral Colorditioner.


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