More and more clients are laying off the shampoo for a few more days and looking for tips and tricks to change up their second- (and third-day) hair quickly. According to Hot Tools Professional Artistic Director Detra Smith, a Hot Tools Professional Black Gold Marcel Curling Iron/Wand or Spring Iron can save the day.

You can move it quickly through the hair to fine tune the texture. Strands will glide right through rather than stopping or sticking on the surface, which keeps hair healthier. Here are seven tips from Detra for making hair miracles happen on days two and three!

Watch Detra demo a quick, second-day touch-up with her trusty Hot Tools Professional Black Gold Marcel Curling Iron

  • Don’t worry about creating a super-polished style. The main goal at this point is to remove the frizz and place a little bit of curl and movement in the hair.
  • Direct all the hair away from the face on each side. The movement and shape will be more flattering and natural. Work in large, random sections. “It will take no time at all,” says Detra, adding, “This is the type of quick refresh that will get you re-hired at Fashion Week and for photo sessions!”
  • To save time, just curl the top sections. After all, nobody really sees what’s underneath!
  • For a modern “bend” in the hair, rather than defined curl, use the 1 ¼-inch Black Gold Marcel and work with large sections. After the hair cools, simply brush through the hair with your fingers to loosen and blend the sections.
  • Choose your iron wisely. “Don’t buy a tool just because it comes in a pretty box,” warns Detra. “Educate yourself on the features. Buy it because it’s reliable, because of what it can do.”
  • Teach your client well. Clients will love you if you take the time to show them how to do their second-day hair at home. Detra’s strategy is to hand over her iron and her tools to watch her client as she curls her own hair. “You can easily spot mistakes and make suggestions,” she explains, “to make it easier and more effective for them.”

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