Anna Peter's finished ring braid.
Anna Peter's finished ring braid.

In the wise words of her highness Beyonce, if you like it then you should have put a ring on it. Although she likely wasn't referring to ring braids when she said this, we digress. 

Anna Peters, a member of the Sam Villa ArTeam, created this gorgeous ring braid and gives a step-by-step tutorial how to create it on your own clients in the salon. 

“This looks has a beautiful ring detail made by tying knots along the round of the head that pull hair away from the face to show off features," Peters says. “This look can be customized by adding a ponytail, messy bun, chic chignon or whatever else you can come up with."



STEP 1: Work a dime-sized amount of Redken braid aid 03 into hands and evenly distribute throughout hair to create slip for the braiding.

STEP 2: Take a diagonal forward section, this allows the braid to move back and away from the face, hold in left hand. Take a smaller diagonal section in right hand and hold hair between the thumb and first 2 fingers and then wrap it around the ring finger.

STEP 3: Flip ends up, left hand grabs ends and flips to sky, right hand grabs the same ends and pulls through to join them with the rest of hair.

STEP 4: Take another small section from the hairline and repeat steps 2 and 3. Keep taking sections around hairline to the back of the ear and secure with an elastic.

STEP 5: Continue the same technique on other side of the head switching the left and the right hand positions.

STEP 6: Join both braids in the back with an elastic in the center back.


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