2018 MODERN SALON 100: Kasey O'Hara @hairbykaseyoh
2018 MODERN SALON 100: Kasey O'Hara @hairbykaseyoh
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2018 MODERN SALON 100: Kasey O'Hara @hairbykaseyoh
2018 MODERN SALON 100: Kasey O'Hara @hairbykaseyoh

MODERN editors couldn't help but notice the bright and colorful page that Kasey O'Hara has created to showcase her stunning work. From yellows to blues and greens, O'Hara shows that stunning color creations are true pieces of art that deserve to be admired. Her fun personality is expressed through the hair pictures and selfies she posts, and we love how O'Hara is true to herself. 

Kasey O'Hara


Butterfly Loft Salon, Los Angeles

Specialty: rainbow hair and creative coloring

Followers: 272k

Most viral post: My high-contrast dark blue with white ends and snow on top.

Favorite apps: plotagraph (motion pics) Over (logo)

Favorite hashtags: #bitcheslovespace #gameofthrones

I follow: Atticus poetry Katvond Seth Mcfarlene

Pro tips: I will use a ring light if there is no natural lighting but I prefer outdoor lighting. I feel like it shows the true color and doesn’t blow out the picture.

Hidden talent (beauty-related): I can bang out tape in extensions like no other! And fast and efficient and my bleach outs! Not just creative colors!

Hidden talent: I am really good at basketball and softball. Also a competitive PC gamer.

How social media changed my life: Allowed me to show the world who I really am by showing them my art and a bit of myself. Also allowed me to meet amazing artists and friends and work with amazing companies.

The first time I was featured on MODERN’s Insta: I remember I was so excited it was a before and after going from really dark brown to a bright purple. Looking back on it now it was pretty basic. But three years ago when it was posted I felt like such a celeb.

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