Hair Detox: The New Hair Revival System from Angelo David Pisacreta

by MODERN Staff | September 24, 2018

A new Hair Revival System, Hair Detox, is the a lifestyle supplement designed to combat nutritional deficiencies, environmental aggressors, hormonal imbalances and the negative effects of a stressful life that can lead to fine, thinning hair and hair loss.

The supplement contains natural ingredients that detoxifies hair from the inside out to support the body’s natural ability to promote healthy hair growth, strengthens skin and nails and minimizing hair loss.

Founder, creative director and hair loss expert Angelo David Pisacreta of Angelo David Salon created the Hair Revival System for men and women seeking healthy hair, vibrant skin and strong nails.

Pisacreta has consulted thousands of men and women who have experienced hair loss issues, ranging from genetic disorders to negative reactions to hair products. Hair Detox aims to address the different supplemental needs of men and women. Dihydrotestosterone (or DHT) is a metabolite of the human body that plays a powerful role in male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). The men’s supplement formulation contains Saw Palmetto, which is a known DHT blocker. The women’s formula contains cranberry fruit extract, which promotes L-cysteine, a protein-building amino acid that supports urinary tract health.

The Detox Matrix Blend is expertly formulated with milk thistle seed extract, grape seed extract, green tea leaf extract, aloe vera leaf powder, dandelion root powder, cranberry fruit extract, resveratrol (derived from Japanese Knotweed Root extract), fennel seed powder, citrus bioflavonoids complex and stinging nettle root extract, which were selected for their traditionally proven and scientifically supported abilities to combat nutritional deficiencies, environmental aggressors and hormonal imbalances.

Hair Detox also contains a unique Stress Relief Matrix Blend that includes mixed phytosterols, ashwagandha root extract, L-theanine, holy basil leaf powder, astragalus root powder, gotu kola herb powder and saw palmetto berry powder, which were all specifically selected to help reverse the negative effects of stress.

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