Brunettes who want to show off their curls like it lighter on the top and dimensional throughout with a little extra interior fire. This quick Keune trick with triangles delivers it all.


Natural level 6 regrowth with level 8 mid-lengths and ends

Formula 1: Keune Tinta Color 6.28 with 3% Keune Tinta Cream Developer (1:1)

Formula 2: 6.28 + 0.66 with 3% developer (1:2)

Formula 3: 7.2 with 3% developer (1:2)

Formula 4: 9.2 + 7.2 with 3% developer (3:1)

  1. Apply Formula 1 to the all regrowth.
  2. Section off the top with a parting that moves around the head from recession to recession. Apply Formula 2 to the mid-lengths and ends in this section.
  3. Create several small triangular sections all around the head, below the top section. There should be about five on each side and five in back. Within all the triangles, paint Formula 1 on the base for added depth, Formula 3 on the mid-lengths and Formula 4 on the ends.
  4. Apply Formula 2 to the remaining ends, outside the triangles and below the top section. Process 30 minutes. Then rinse and treat.

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