COLOR CORRECTION: Splotchy Mess To Buttery Blonde

Muriel Dee (@Muriel_dee89)  of Frank Gironda, Wheaton, IL., joined forces with Ivan Milanovic (@ivystyles707) to correct this "situation." According to Dee, the new client "previously had a red brown color on her hair and she bleached it out herself at home. She came to us with the orange splotchy color and was looking for a buttery blonde result."

Here Dee shares the details for this 3 1/2 hour correction. All color used is Redken:

STEP 1: Correct the splotch areas with an isolated foiling method using Redken Flash Lift with 10/20 volume developer. 

STEP 2: After processing, apply a Redken Extreme Shot and Redken Cat Treatment. 

STEP 3: Pre-tone with 09b Shades Gloss. Process for three minutes. Follow with a Redken Extreme Shot.

STEP 4: Shadow root with 06n=06t and then tone the mids and ends with equal parts 09v, 09gb, plus Clear for 20 minutes. 

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