You Have to See This Mermaid Hair Color Created with L'anza VIBES

by Jamie Newman | November 15, 2018
"Mermaid vibes using L'anza VIBES. Obsessed," Hailey Mahone captioned this photo on her Instagram page.
"Mermaid vibes using L'anza VIBES. Obsessed," Hailey Mahone captioned this photo on her Instagram page.

If you're not already following Texas-based stylist and Artist Connective member Hailey Mahone (@haileymahonehair), her page is a must-follow for both blonding and creative-color looks alike! 

This look specifically will make any client hesitant of going vibrant ready to take the plunge into technicolor waters. 

Using L'anza Healing Haircare's VIBES direct-dye hues, Mahone created mermaid magic! VIBES contain L'anza's Keratin Healing System and Flower Shield Complex for healthy hair and longer-lasting color. VIBES mix directly from the tube.

When selecting colors, Mahone went with jewel-tone hues to protect the integrity of her model's hair.

"My guest was already prelightened, albeit not the most even canvas," Mahone said. "However, her hair was compromised and I didn’t want to risk damage by trying to even out when we were going to do something with a direct dye. I knew having a deeper jewel tone color pallet would help make her hair look even and cohesive, so that’s what we went for."

Mahone mixed VIBES shades Blue, Violet, Magenta, and Green mixed with a few drops of yellow. Working in a horizontal brick layering pattern, she worked up the back of the head. Blue and Violet were her main base color, melting the magenta and green off of those colors. For added dimension, Mahone painted single-color subsections from root to end using either the Violet or Blue. 

She let the colors process at room temperature for 30 minutes and then rinsed with cold water and conditioned. Mahone used L'anza Trauma Treatment on her model's mids and ends while damp, blow dryed, and styled with a 1-1/4" curling iron. She finished with L'anza Dry Texture and L'anza Color Illuminator. 

Check out the process in the video below!


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