Cutting Lotion Gets an Update by Johnny B Hair Care

by MODERN Staff | February 5, 2019
 Johnny B Hair Care
Johnny B Hair Care

 Hair tonics may be viewed as “old school” by some, but Johnny B Hair Care has given it a modern twist with its newest launch, Code B Hair Prep. Designed for barbers and stylists to be used as a cutting agent, the unique formulation consists of 85 percent water, 15 percent hemp oil, and includes biotin to help nourish hair, making the process from cut to style seamless.

 “I created this product for barbers and stylists who were looking for the performance of a cutting lotion but had the ability to style hair immediately after the cut without having to rinse out or spray hair down again,” said Al Anorga, president of the men’s grooming brand. “There’s no build up with Code B. It provides a seamless transition from cutting to styling.”

 When sprayed on the hair, Code B helps lay hair flat for precise and measured shear cutting without dulling or compromising the sharpness of the shear. Hair is softened and moisturized with the infusion of hemp oil, imparting easy compatibility. Code B also acts as a high heat thermal protector, providing a shield for hot tools while offering moderate hold and direction. It’s never sticky or tacky.

 Code B is available in a 100 ml spray bottle for the salon price of $8 and a 33.3 oz refill for the salon price of $20. 

Photo by Ralph Renteria for Johnny B

Shawn Wiley and his barber Johnny Marciano celebrate his new hair growth.


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