Better Salon Lighting for Your Salon: Peter Millard Lighting

by Lauren Salapatek | January 21, 2013 |

Salon design expert Peter Millard has revealed his new Peter Millard Salon Lighting. Responding to the demand for an affordable and accurate color evaluation tool, the author of the industry-defining book Reinventing Space has developed a new line of salon lighting for professional colorists.

The product has been tested by a team of Redken and Pureology color experts, and over a year of trials at the Redken Exchange on Fifth Avenue. The lighting has just recently been introduced at this year's Redken Symposium in Las Vegas. "It's obvious the amount or research that has gone into this design.” says Pureology’s Ruth Roche “The lighting is beautiful and tells the truth when it comes to color! I am able to see what I am doing as I work and see the accuracy of the color as I do so!"

Peter spent years searching for the right bulb. Unable to find an inexpensive solution and unhappy with the look of existing designs, he decided to fill the gap in the market with his own line of lighting. Partnering with LED experts, Peter created a reasonably priced light that can be easily installed in tracks and ceiling fixtures available at stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s. 

“The most challenging issue colorists face, when trying to achieve great color results in today’s salons, is bad lighting. How can you do good work, when you can’t see what you are doing?” Redken Artistic Director Kris Sorbie agreed, saying: “Salon lighting should be the first and major consideration in salon interior design. Without efficient light, we, as stylists, cannot do an effective job in meeting client expectations.”

Once the product was ready for testing, Redken supplied nine of their top colorists from the US and the UK: Kris Sorbie, David Stanko, Leah Freeman, George Garcia, Ty Isobe, Adam Browne, Sam Villa, Ruth Roche and Mary Katherine Hecht were all tasked to do evaluations of the lighting’s color accuracy and clarity.

The final product is an LED light that is cool and comfortable to work under. It emits only 20% of the heat associated with halogens and incandescents, while using only 20% of the energy—thus, dramatically reducing electricity and air-conditioning costs. These 21-Watt LED bulbs are warranted for three years—their average rated life being five to seven years.

Visit or call 888-960-7675.

Better Salon Lighting for Your Salon: Peter Millard Lighting

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