Spilo Worldwide's Personna Flare Razor

by Lauren Salapatek | July 20, 2016 | Spilo Worldwide |

Spilo Worldwide's Personna Flare hair shaping razor has seven features to deliver optimal cutting tension. Developed with hairstylists for hairstylists, the design is garnering rave reviews, making it a must-have tool!

Flare's seven features include:

1. Sleek and durable, all-black handle
2. Secure and comfortable gel grip
3. 30% heavier with even weight distribution
4. Brushed matte finished combs and razor head
5. Smooth, contoured finger-ring
6. Peek-a-boo window to feel gel grip inside the
7. Easy-Open, Easy Storage clamshell packaging

The Value Kit includes 1 Texturizing Guard for blending or adding volume, 1 Blade Lock Guard for free-hand styling and 5 free glided coated blades.


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